Monday, January 28, 2013

Ghost Town: A Party In The Graveyard Review

Ghost Town are a Rock/Electronic band out of Hollywood,California. They are a four piece band consisting of: Kevin Ghost, Evan Pearce, Alix Monster, and Manny Town. The band was established February 4, 2012 and as of now they are signed to Haunted Youth Record Label.

Ghost Town is in a rather rough genre especially when it comes to those attracted to the Post-Hardcore music. Many believe that the Electronic genre is a gimmick and pray that it will pass quickly. That stigma aside Party In The Graveyard strides through and manages to release a catchy album filled with vibrancyDissecting this album actually made me enjoy the subtle things that I missed on my first run through. The vocal range is very diverse especially when you hear the acoustic track not included on the album. There was certainly a lot of practice and work put into getting the pitch just right for each song. Kevin does a stellar job of melding high pitches and screams which really brings cadence to tracks like "Off With Her Head". Also noteworthy are the instruments and electronics. Drum beats are loud and had my inner drummer foot pedaling like a mad man. Evan Pearce the band's electronics front-man does a great job of truly weaving everything together. Where most bands use electronics as filler noise Ghost Town excels creating true value.

Lyrically the album is relatively themed and aside from "Voodoo" I felt it was very well written. My exception to "Voodoo" being that it does not fit with the overall emotion of the album. I'm sure it may even scare some people away simply because tracks like that tend to be warning signs of where the music industry is faulty. The only other real downside is with all the electronics and drum beats it is very easy to miss some very exotic guitar riffs as they seem to get chewed up by the bass.

I had tons of fun cycling through this album and it immediately made it onto most of my playlist. For a freshman record this is almost unheard of. There is so much diversity even when it comes to all the artwork they had done for the album. Regardless of your taste for Electronic as a genre I cannot see how you could be ignorant enough to avoid this band.

Track List
1. Skeleton
2. You're So Creepy
3. Monster
4. Party in the Graveyard
5. Off With Her Head
6. I'm Wasted
7. Tentacles
8. Voodoo
9. Dreamer
10. Dr. Doctor

First Ever "Seal of Fist" Awarded
Article by: Larry Harris

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