Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Poets Of The Fall: Temple Of Thought Review

Poets of the Fall is a rock band formed in 2003 in Helsinki, Finland composed of singer Marko Saaresto (“Mark”), guitarist Olli Tukiainen (“Ollie”) and keyboardist Markus Kaarlonen (“Captain”). They gained their first fame by recording the title theme of Max Payne 2, Late Goodbye. In June 2004 it was later released as a single and followed by Lift in September, which turned out to be a big hit.

Poets of the Fall have always been hovering around major spotlight, while being able to remain creatively unhindered. This album focuses around love without being centric to it, focusing on life with or without love. There are some relatively popular tracks “The Happy Song” was used as a main theme to Alan Wake’s American Nightmare. The most remarkable feature in this album is the writing style with every song being more like a story and less like a rhythmic poem. A craft that is rarely seen in the music industry that truly questions the way we interpret music. One of the lesser aspects is the instrumentals, which without a careful ear can easily be missed creating a beautiful harmony to help envision the story being told. The tempo can be a bit crazy at times ranging from hard rock to ballads, but the overall message is delivered in every song. The unfortunate truth is most will miss the beauty in this album and discard it as another rock band singing about love. My only wish is that the band as a whole finds another theme rather than "Love and Loss", because while these are major aspects of life they are not the only ones.

Track List
01. Running Out of Time
02. Temple of Thought
03. Cradled in Love
04. Kamikaze Love
05. The Lie Eternal
06. Skin
07. The Distance
08. Show Me This Life
09. Morning Tide
10. The Ballad of Jeremiah Peacekeeper
11. The Happy Song

Article by: Larry Harris

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