Thursday, March 29, 2012

Stick To Your Guns: Diamond Review

Stick to Your Guns is a 5 piece hardcore band from Orange County, California. Very heavily influenced by the Orange County hardcore scene, their music, message, style, and sound can perhaps be compared to bands like Bleeding Through and Throwdown.

After the tremendous popularity of “The Hope Division” it is very hard to believe any album following can live up to it. This album screams for unity and equality throughout and in these times serves as a rally cry to other bands to quit screwing around. Stick To Your Guns is so self-aware that the album revolves around people not the band, an art seemingly lost throughout the years. Unfortunately the album seems to be a shadow in comparison to previous works. The clean vocals seemingly lacked any emotion or feelings, and there are several guitar riffs that just feel flat. “We Still Believe” will more than likely be the hit track from this album which should surprise no one considering its similarity to other songs in its nature. One of my personal favorites is “Empty Heads” which pretty much details how pessimist can just “GO F#%$ Themselves” and even states “Give Back Or Get Out”. Other songs of note are “Bringing You Down” and “Against Them All”. Overall if they had just applied the craftsmanship from “The Hope Division” with the messages from this album they could have created an amazing spectacle. This however was not the case and aside from “Empty Heads” this album will more than likely fall out of rotation until STYG makes another album.

Track List
1. Diamond
2. Against Them All
3. Such Pain
4. Bond
5. We Still Believe
6. Ring Loud
7. Empty Heads
8. Beyond The Sun
9. Life In A Box
10. Bringing You Down
11. D(I AM)OND
12. Build Upon The Sand

Article by: Larry Harris

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