Thursday, March 14, 2013

Silverstein: This Is How The Wind Shifts Review

Silverstein is a Canadian post-hardcore band from Burlington, Ontario, formed in 2000. Their band name is a reference to the famous children's author Shel Silverstein, whom the band had admired and read the stories of as children. They have released a total of four studio albums, three EP's, a compilation album and a live DVD/CD. Their lineup, which has remained unchanged since the band signed to Victory Records, consists of lead vocalist and guitarist Shane Told, guitarists Paul Marc Rousseau and Josh Bradford, bass guitarist and backing vocalist Billy Hamilton, and drummer Paul Koehler.

Silverstein takes a huge leap in their seventh album going the experimental route at an attempt to topple their previous endeavors. Having been brought up with the band it is safe to say their emotionally driven lyrics polluted my teen life. Regardless they have had some serious flops along the way and “This Is How The Wind Shifts” has returned them to former glory and beyond. Whether it be the creative track layout developing a unique wordplay, or just those beautiful transitions between cleans and screams this album is stunning. Every track flows perfectly and seriously showcases that Silverstein is still musically relevant even after all these years. Instrumentally every song is near flawless with some beautiful guitar work backed with bone crunching drums create the perfect sound to represent Shane’s vocal range. Lyrically the bands theme of love and lose still stands out, though even after all these years it still sounds fresh. While it would be nice to see a new lyrical direction, musically they are still progressing.
Tracks such as “On Brave Mountains We Conquer” and “In Silent Seas We Drown” stand out as potentially some of the best Silverstein has to date. Those that just perceive this album as the same old Silverstein completely misunderstand the essence of musical progression. A band that can continue to grow without having to constantly change themes is exactly what the industry needs. Silverstein should be proud with this conceptual album because it will probably be the album that defines the band as a whole.

Track List
1. Stand Amid the Roar
2. On Brave Mountains We Conquer
3. Massachusetts
4. This Is How
5. A Better Place
6. Hide Your Secrets
7. Arrivals
8. In a Place of Solace
9. In Silent Seas We Drown
10. California
11. The Wind Shifts
12. To Live and to Lose
13. With Second Chances
14. Departures

Article by: Larry Harris

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