Friday, April 5, 2013

The Color Morale: Know Hope Review

Formed in Rockford, IL, this band’s musical influences range from Misery Signals, Beloved, Life In Your Way, Glassjaw, and Poison the Well. Currently signed to Rise Records, they have released three albums to date: We All Have Demons, My Devil In Your Eyes and Know Hope.

I’ve had my eye on The Color Morale for quite some time and even though this album seems to be a departure from old ways it certainly is a welcomed change. From start to finish “Know Hope” spews an aggression that truly represents the genre. The level of intensity dips just long enough to build everyone back up with heart pounding angst. The vocals are raw and edgy, which grants cadence to the soul crushing growls and screams. Sound engineering was also a step in the opposite direction from what we usually see off a Rise Records band. Every instrument complimented the vocals perfectly and there was never a moment that seemed misplaced. The Color Morale is known for their inspirational lyrics which once again return in full force, though they do seem a bit overdramatic at times. Whether it be “Burn Victims” or “Silver Lining” the tone is steady and well-paced. No longer are the clichés of metalcore present as they have been in past releases from The Color Morale. They have adopted those styles into something that will be defined as their own. With a growing fan-base and quality albums like “Know Hope” The Color Morale has started laying the foundation for their future in this genre.

Track List
1. Burn Victims
2. Smoke and Mirrors
3. Learned Behavior
4. Living Breathing Something
5. Strange Comfort
6. In Light In Me
7. Silver Lining
8. Steadfast
9. Hole Hearted
10. Saviorself
11. Have.Will
12. Never Enders


Seal Of Fist Approved!
Article by: Larry Harris

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